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While we had our biscotti 101 class a couple of weeks ago, album.JPGKel must have paid attention to what I was babbling about . . . I’ve always been meaning to buy but never got around to getting one, a “frame” for my first Christmas album that my dad gave me in 1965. I still had the LP inside the album jacket. This was something that I’ve always treasured because of course it came from my dad on Christmas Day so many many years ago, but the songs still play in my mind and how I remembered how much I loved playing that darn LP way back then. (Bro got one too but his was Rudolph. I don’t know if he still has his?) So thanks Kel for this wonderful gift and my penguin jammies and Starbuck’s card too! Wahoo!


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1. Leaving the hubs at home (already asleep) while AC and AD played so Kel and I could go to IKEA. . . spur of the moment! We only had less than 45 minutes to shop!

img_0347.JPG2. Christmas item bargains, i.e. clear glass swan ornaments (pkg. of 4) for .25 each, 3″, round red glass candle plates at .10 each, apple wreath at 1.99 and other sale items i.e., melon scented pilar candles at .99 each, bag of pebbles for my silk-flower pens at .69 and a wooden frame with 3 scenes at 7.99 . . . total cost that evening $23.41 . . . (my purchase)

3. Kel spending around 40 buckaroos for similar purchases like mine sans the apple img_0346.JPGwreath, bags of pebbles and ornaments . . . she did buy a “disposable” rug (when it gets dirty, she just throws it away!), a lamp, a bamboo plant and a vase.

4. Having car battery problems! After putting all our bags of goodies, Kel had me drive her Durgango since I had driven it from home . . . when I go to start the engine, we knew by the “clicking” sound that something was wrong with the battery. Kel calls AAA and within 30 minutes, the tow truck comes to our rescue. We go on our merry way.


5. Finding out that JP and his buddies were just right next door to IKEA . . . they were at Bay Street. I called to find out where he was and I told him we were heading out of IKEA after getting the battery jumped. We go meet him and Kel gave him his Christmas gift.

6. Going back home to only find out that there was really nothing wrong with Kel’s battery. It never needed a jump in the first place! As soon as we got home, I turned the engine off and turned it back on. . . same thing . . . the “clicking” sound. I go inside to wake up the hubs who by that time was in a deep comatose state. He drives the Explorer in front of the Durango ready with cable and all . . . but it turns out that the battery cables were just loose!! All the hubs had to do was “move” the cables. Yay for hubs! The tow truck person didn’t have to jump the car in the first place if he only knew that the cables were loose.

7. Doing something spontaneous and having fun . . . and going back home to continue what we were doing before we had the “urge to splurge” . . . BTW, my limit was only 20 bucks so I only went over by $3.41. Call me cheapo, but I “really” didn’t need anything. Ha! We sat in front of the fireplace, took pictures of us and the gurls, and opened presents.



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Ha! Ha! Ok LadyRam5ft3 . . . happy holidays to you!  I decided not to comment on your comment but to write a post instead.  Here’s wishing you and the family a very prosperous and healthy new year.  God bless you all . . . where be your fleurs?  You’ll get some  . . . trust me! Later, as I really have to get some rest now.

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with a swollen uvula (that’s that thingy that hangs down in the middle of one’s throat and when touched it’ll make one gag) . . . yeah, that’s called the uvula. I didn’t know what it was called because of those “ology”classes that I took back in high-school or college but only because the same thing happened to me about 10 plus years ago. I knew the dril all too well – – – straight to ER. The hubs brought me at 8:37 a.m. After the triage nurse, they had me wait (last time they immediately took me in) hmmm, I wondered why not this time? Weren’t they concerned about it getting more swollen to the point where it would obstruct my air passage? So, I go to sit down in the waiting room. After about 25 minutes, I told the hubs there was nothing he could do except wait with me so I told him to go home and pick me up when I’m good to go. Who knows when I’ll be seen (although there were only about 5 other people ahead of me there was a good chance I’d be seen first … after all, my uvula could have been “expanding” while in the waiting room. WRONG! All those before me were seen . . . I say to myself, “ohh-kay,” then I continue watching this day time talk show called “Gregg.” After about 45 minutes of wait, I was finally seen by the doctor and the nurse. After several taps on the wrist and arm, he finally found the “good” vein to administer me the I.V. The nurse said it would take about 30 minutes for it to go inside my system. Since I’ve been in the ER so many a times, I knew it all to well I have to bring tons of magazines and word search games to keep me occupied. While looking at one of my Sunset magazines (I was drooling at some of the food photos), the nurse comes in and comments on how good the food looks. I told him I was starving just looking at the pictures since I hadn’t eaten breakfast nor had a cup of my java . . . I did tell him a nice cold orange juice sounds good right now. He immediately tells me that he would get a me cup of orange juice. I thought he was only kidding, but he said he would. On his way out, I told him to add some champagne so that it’ll be a mimosa. He said no with a laugh. I enjoyed my orange juice with crushed ice. They had me sitting down all the time I was there unlike last time I was laying down. Oh the reason they took me in immediately the first time, they said the uvala was more swollen and that there was a good chance my air passage would be blocked. I had to ask (you know me!). After a good 4 hours of staying in the ER, I was discharged and prescribed three types of medications. BTW, that’s the shortest stay in ER for me. That’s a record! While I waited for the hubs to pick me up, I called Bril to tell her how I was spending my last Friday on winter break. Both JP and the hubs picked me up because the hubs had JP drive. The next 1.5 hours was spent at Long’s img_0385.JPGDrugs to get the prescriptions filled for “Clindamycin,” “Prednisone” and “Promethazine with Codeine” (cough syrup). While I waited, the hubs and JP went to get a bite to eat. I didn’t get bored at Long’s because that is one Long’s that has particularly everything (RS describes it as a “department store). I did buy shampoo and other toiletries and guess what? Not a single 50% Christmas item. Yay! I figured I still had plenty of wrapping paper and I don’t send out Christmas cards (shame on me!) Right now I’m sitting down in front of the fireplace listening to the crackling wood and watching the flames aglow. This has to be one of my “winter’s pleasures” – – – the fireplace! I love the warmth it gives and the smell of it too. I love it all!! Earlier this day I called Jack and Kel.  I was hoping to see them tomorrow to give them and the familia their Christmas presents but we’ll wait and see how I feel. I had RS come by this evening to give her sister one of the potted silk flower pens. The hubs joked with her and said she gave me whatever she had that night she came over to exchange gifts. We were both feeling pretty cruddy the day after but I went to the next level. At least my body aches have subsided now only if that “thingy” would go back to its normal size. I guess that explains the miserable feeling I’ve had for the past 3 days now. One last thing, this one prescription I’m to take called “Clindamycin,” I’m not to lay down until 30 minutes upon taking it? Of all the medications that has been prescribed to me, this is the first where I can’t lay down. . . so what did I do that first time I took it at 2:00 p.m., I called RS to chat with her since I couldn’t “lay-down” until after 30 minutes. I better get some rest now! Oh…BTW…I have “PHARYNGITIS: Infection of the tonsils and back of the throat.” Arghhh!

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coming down with some sort of flu! It started yesterday morning with a very sore throat and major body aches and pain. img_0276.JPGI told AC that I’d bring her and her friend JW to Stoneridge Mall so I was able to sleep it off before we went. I told the hubs that I was not in any condition to driving so he decided to go (he wanted to look at some “tools” at Sear’s). I told him that if he didn’t want to RS would have gone with me. I think RS and I both came down with the same flu bug? Well, I was not a very happy camper at the mall! We let the gurls and JP wander off on their own until I could no longer take it. I followed the hubs to take a look at the tools as I wasn’t up to shopping. I had some gift cards too but since I was feeling so lousy, shopping was out of the question. When we got home, I went directly to bed. I’m still not feeling 100% better because my body still aches and it hurts when I swallow.

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While the hubs was in Texas visiting my bro and his familia, the familia took the hubs to this bistro on the Riverwalk. Since I wanted to bring some other dishes to our Christmas Eve gathering, the hubs remembered this salsa3.JPGgreat tasting chunky style guacamole he had (bro told him the recipe was available on-line). Here’s the receipe for the guacamole. . . BTW, it was great that Ate E had margaritas because

Margaritas + Chips/Guacamole = Happy Me!



Juice of ¼ of an orange
Juice of ½ a lime
1 avocado seeded and scooped out of skin
2 Tbs roasted and charred Roma tomatoes diced
1 ea Serrano pepper roasted seeded and diced
1 Tbs medium dice red onions
1 tsp chopped cilantro
coarse ground salt to taste (sea salt is better) salsa1a.JPG



Squeeze juices into bowl. Add avocado (coarsely chopped). Add onions, roasted tomato, serrano and cilantro; fold into avocado mixture. Add salt (more is better). Result should be crudely chopped not mashed. That’s it.



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nothing beats a cup of hot mint cocoa (from Trader Joe’s of course!) at 9:33 p.m. img_0270.JPG[JG…remember the cup from Le Pain Quotidien?] This whole week I’m off due to holiday curtailment and the hubs always takes off for vacation the week of Christmas up to New Year’s. The day after Christmas was spent at home just vegging out. . . did a little bit of cleaning here and there. Thanks to both “bruhs” who dropped off some food from their family feast so I didn’t have to make lunch and dinner with the left-overs from them and ours . . . well, I did make the rice pilaf, garlic mashed, and steamed some French green beans. (I cheated with the rice pilaf and the mashed potatoes! Both Bruhs know I seldom cook…ha! ha!) I’m still toying with my camera so many of the shots aren’t coming out too clear. I hate reading the manual! . . . Later this evening, Bruh (RS) came by to exchange Christmas gifts.


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