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Last week I told the hub’s sister, “E” to tell their neice “S” if she ever needed someone to baby-sit 5-month old “Baby A” that I would be more than willing. I just miss cuddling babies in my arms and smelling the “sweetness” of the baby powder/lotion on them. Well, S called babya.JPGlast night as we were getting ready to go to AC’s volleyball game to see if I could take care of Baby A for a couple of hours. We didn’t want to miss AC’s game so I had S drop Baby A at the gym where AC’s game was held. I ran out and came back into the gym with a baby in tow (I kept her inside her car-seat/carrier) . . . surprising the parents around me. It seems like not only was I due for a baby fix, but many of the parents too as they took turns holding Baby A. I think there were times we weren’t even watching the game . . . After the game we immediately went home. Baby A was fine at the game without any fuss but as soon as we got home, she started crying hysterically as if I was hurting her. We tried everything to soothe her but it would only last a few seconds. Finally, I lulled her to sleep by singing “hush little baby . . .” (brought back memories of when I used to sing that lullaby to JP & AC). I laid her down and she did sleep for at least 30 minutes then she cried herself awake! I took her downstairs and sat her in front of the TV. Baby A stopped crying and was mesmerized by the movement on TV. I had AC look for one of their videos when they were “babes” and she put the video of Wee Sing Train (again, watching that brought back memories of my own two). I think Baby A is a “couch potato/tater” because she was so fascinated watching what was on. Moments later, S called to say she was outside. We helped Baby A get ready and off she went . . . I can’t wait to baby-sit her again!


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has to be the one that I had used a couple of weeks ago when I was in “search” for that cookie.JPG“perfect” recipe. Tuesday night I made the batter/dough (as mentioned in my earlier blog) using another recipe that I found on the web and refrigerated it overnight. Come Wednesday morning, (yes at my usual wake up time of 4:30 a.m.) I plopped them onto the baking sheet but I didn’t really get started until after 5:00 a.m. when the hubs left for work. Well, as the cookies had baked, I knew something was wrong with the cookies as they slowly cooled down on the rack, they started to become flat, I mean “flat” . . . pancake flat! Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but they were definitely F-L-A-T! I was so dissappointed! 😦 I think I will stick with my other receipe, “Extraordinary Chocolate Chip Cookies.” The one big difference with this recipe compared to the “extraordinary” one is that it calls for an extra 1/2 cup (1 stick) of butter, whereas the extraordinary calls for 3 sticks. So, as for cookies coming out better if the dough is “cold”. . . . hmm . . . I don’t think so from my own experience. Note: As much as AC loves home-made chocolate chip cookies, she doesn’t even care for these! She said it also didn’t taste good. Maybe it was that extra stick of butter and it was a little bit on the salty side.

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baja1.JPGOne: LaBurrita finally added something new to their menu . . . their version of the taco bowl salad they call “the Baja.” Bril and I ordered it for lunch today. This taco salad has grilled chicken, slices of avocado, tomatoes, olives and black beans on top of a huge mound of greens. Of course they serve it in a taco bowl. This would have been a “healthy” meal sans the taco shell and the sour cream that I had to order as a side dish. (Dang! I told them it should be included!)


Two: The hubs, AC and I had an “admissions” interview this afternoon which is the third part of the application process of getting accepted to the school where AC had applied. We were early so since CE gave me her starbucks.jpgStarbucks card, I had to make a detour. (BTW, I still have about 4 bucks left on my other Starbucks card from Kel.) It was my lucky day because their register was out of whack so they said they would still swipe my card but it won’t subtract the amount I spent. . . saving me a whoppin’ $5.31. I had their grande coffee light frap and got a snicker doodle for AC. Oh, about this admissions interview . . . for the life of us, the hubs and I cannot remember 3 years back when we had to go with JP to his. I guess that’s just a sign of major brain fog or that syndrome Bril says that I suffer from: CRS – – Can’t Remember Sh_t!

Three: This evening I made the dough for this other chocolate chip cookie recipe that I found on the web. I’ll bake them tomorrow morning to see if it is true what they say . . . that cold cookie dough (refrigerated overnight) turns out better cookies. Stay posted for the results! If this recipe is better than the ones I made previously, I’ll post the new recipe.

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img_0863a.JPGAfter AC’s volleyball game we headed straight home because the hubs wanted to watch the football play-offs. . . while the hubs scurried to get inside the house, I whipped out my camera and (yes) started taking more pix. This time I only took a few of the “things” found in front of our house with the exception of our neighbor’s “bird-house.” Well, I threw in another load of laundry (I’m forever doing the laundy, huh?) then I baked some chicken thighs using that Rudy’s Rub (so Bro… if you’re


ready this, send me more! Ha! Ha!). JP is out and about but will be home in time for our dinner. I could already smell the chicken baking in the oven and it sure smells good! The smell is lingering all the way downstairs to our family room. Oh well, gotta continue with the load of laundry. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend! Another work week ahead. Arghh!

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After their exam, I took AC to get her hair cut (Jack and Andie came with us as we had ari2.JPGdriven together that morning). On Monday, AC’s class will be taking their grad pix so she had to get her hair cut. I’m taking the morning of that Monday off to help AC “get ready” for her picture taken. I remember when JP had to get his pix taken. I didn’t even have to take off because let’s just put it this way . . . BOYS ARE SO EASY! Just slapped on a tie with a white shirt and he was good to go (oh maybe a little gel in his hair) . . . but that was it! It’s so different with GURLS!


[Note: Kel had come by the salon because she had called me so I told her where we were. The hubs told her I was in Alameda. Well, we told Kel about the body pillows and the other sale stuffs, so she did good too…only spent a little bit over 20.00. See what influence we have with one another… she said we were to blame! 🙂

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The gurls (AC, Leah & Andie) had to take their exam from 8:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., so we (the moms) had plenty of free time to “kill”. RA’s son, J also had to take the same exam so she decided to hang out with us. So what did we do?

1) We had breakfast at Jim’s Coffee Shop. This was my first jim1.JPGtime going to this place. I guess I’d describe it as a “classic” dinner. The service is fast, the place is a bit noisy (but it was a “good” kind of noisy with people carrying about their conversation and enjoying their breakfast with family and/or friends) and is inexpensive with huge portions served on large plates. Since I already had reached my egg quota this morning (I had eaten two eggs & a toast at home prior), I ordered their French Toast & sausage patties, along with their home fries of course! Ummm…. Yummy! It was nice having breakfast with Jack, VT and RA. BTW . . . I’d describe what I had as “comfort” food! 🙂 It was simply down-right family style cookin’!

2) After that huge breakfast, we headed over to Alameda Towne Centre where we did a mervyns.JPGcombined total damage of about 350.00 (between the 5 of us . . . CE had met us there) at Mervyn’s and all the items purchased were either at 75% or 85% off! CE and I were the frugal ones only coming in at less than 15.00 each for our total purchase. I bought several Christmas gift-bags, a fleece throw and a body pillow with micro suede cover. Ta Da! We all bought the body pillows because they were extremely dirt cheap! I figured I’d use it in the family room to “plant” by behind while I watch TV.

3. The last stop was at Trader Joe’s where I only bought two boxes of their organic img_0837.JPGoats & flax instant oatmeal . The hubs and the kiddies (including me) love this oatmeal so we go through 2 boxes in a week. VT did the most damage as she went “grocery” shopping. I couldn’t do my “weekly” shopping because I knew I wasn’t going straight home yet so I’ll have to make another trip soon. While the rest shopped, I managed to take a pix of the tulips.

We headed back to the school to pick up the gurls. And that’s how we “killed” 4.5 hours of our time. It was indeed spent having fun!

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For the past couple of weeks, we have been hit with these bitter “cold spells” so every morning when I go to drop JP off at the bus stop (enroute to his school), img_0820.JPGI almost always have to scrape the windshield or hose down the windshield depending on how “frozen” the ice is.  The temperature has been plunging in the 20’s at night in many of the neighboring areas. On Wednesday, Bro sent me a multimedia message of a pix of my nephew M holding what looks like a snowball. It turns out that San Antonio had an ice-storm. Bro didn’t have to work and the boys had no school for 2 days! Not fair!


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