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Wow . . . I can’t believe 17 years ago I had given birth to my first born.  Time sure does fly . . . that’s what JP’s god-mother, Rina said too!  This is one of my favorite pix of JP taken one July 4th at Baby K’s (Kit-Kat) parents’ house.  JP was 10 months old at this time.  Anyhoo, happy happy birthday to my JP!


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After the hubs had taken Toby out for a walk this afternoon, within 30 minutes later I found Toby fast asleep on our fireplace hearth. The weather was very warm today so Toby found “comfort” by laying down on the cold tiled hearth. He ended up taking about a 30 minute nap while I continued to make dinner.

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Bril and I just got through eating our lunch outside in one of the building’s courtyard. I brought my lunch and made a ham with provolone cheese on a “pandasal” bread. Like hamburgers & fries, I can’t have a sandwich without potato chips.


It’s too nice of a day to be working. I just love “autumn” / “fall” . . . . whatever you want to call it. We sat under this tree and I quickly took a snap shot it. I love it when the leaves changes color.

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Before getting ready to watch “Dancing with the Stars,” I decided to make myself an ice-cream sundae with slices of bananas!  Yummy!  So here I am  multi-tasking:  watching T.V., enjoying my sundae and blogging all at the same time.

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misc-082.jpgno more! This afternoon while at work, we were talking about how every one’s clock in his/her office differs from one another so I called “POP-CORN” to check the time. A recording came on and said “effective September 19, 2007 the time announcement service has been discontinued.” What? How are we suppose to check the time now after power failures, not that we have them that often but even when we call to check the time due to “day-light” savings? I googled why they were discontinuing the service . . . since AT&T has discontinued the service, they said 300,000 new phone numbers will be freed up for use. Besides my own phone number at home when I was little, I think “Pop-Corn” was the next number I had “memorized”. One didn’t have to key or press the full name “Pop-Corn” . . . I used to just dial POP-1212. My co-worker and I realized several years ago that you can actually just dial P-O-P followed by any 4 numbers of your choice and you’ll still get the time announcement. Well, I guess we’ll just have to use our “cell-phones” now to check the time. . . .”and please take a note of it.” . . . OK . . . now that I’ve blogged this silly entry, gotta warm up our dinner. (Thank goodness for “left-overs!”) 🙂 JP is upstairs doing his homework and AC and the hubs should be coming home soon from “a way” game this afternoon . . .

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this is what he would say, “Mom, I don’t like my new hair cut! It’s too short! My head looks bigger than my body because of this cut. I used to be a cute puppy. Will my fur ever grow back?” “I don’t want to go back to that “groomer” either because he wasn’t friendly to me one bit. I know you sensed that too, Mom!”

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one scrawny dog.  (I was told by my co-worker that since Toby is still a puppy, he still has yet to “fill-out.”  Toby currently weights 7.5 lbs.)  This morning, we made it a “family affair” sans JP to bring Toby for his first “hair cut.” I was so desperate to have Toby groomed and couldn’t wait until Saturday, October 20th to get his hair cut (where CE takes her Westie, Kaila) so I made an appointment with him at PetSmart at 9:00 a.m. this morning. Our plan was to drop Toby off, go to Target since was next door and go to mass at 11:00 a.m. (and pick-up Toby after church) All that happened except going to mass because I ended up taking longer at Target by going down each and every aisle (although I had no reason to except buy what we came for). This was the first and last time I will ever take Toby for any kind of groom or trim there. Again, I was desperate because Toby’s fur was getting way out of control. Because he had a few matted fur near his hind leg, they ended up giving Toby a very close shave. I think the groomer was just to lazy to “brush” out the matted fur because you could actually “count” them and they weren’t that many. Oh well, in a way it’s good that he did get a close shave because now when his fur grows back, it’ll be like “new” growth. One other thing that, the groomer trimmed Toby’s ears “crooked.” The left side is more “squared” off whereas the right side is more “triangle.” And what got me was that PetSmart charges the same amount as those certified grooming salons. They had a special package for puppies up to 5 months (14.99) but they charged me $43.00. I questioned it but was told I had asked for the full service salon package. When I compared what both “packages” entailed, they were both the same. Jerks! Never again am I going to take Toby there.

Toby Before . . .

Toby After . . .

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