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I think for the past 8 years since I’ve been here, practically all the staff dresses up for this once-a-year “holiday” . . . . . .and we have fun doing it too! This year I didn’t know what I wanted to be so at the very last minute (the day before) I went out and bought my “get-up.” As with most of the costumes that I do end up wearing each year, I can’t go wrong with my black cords and black top. I’ll be uploading some photos later . . . gotta get ready for the little goblins, etc. that will be coming to trick-or-treat . . .


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Tina is slowly getting the hang of Toby being part of the familia. I guess the word is “tolerating” Toby. When Tina goes to drink water from Toby’s water bowl, Toby just looks at her. After she finishes, Toby immediately takes his turn at his own water bowl. They still get on each other’s nerves but more and more we’re letting the two roam around the house whenever we’re home, but only if we’re not home, then we have to “separate” both of them.




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misc-252.jpgUsually I always decorate the beginning of the month for seasons such as Fall/Halloween and of course Christmas. When the kiddies were younger, I’d even decorate for Spring/Easter however, this was the first year that I didn’t decorate for Fall/Halloween “early.” Even the hubs was surprised that I even decided to decorate at all just this past Saturday (that was part of being “domesticated.”) We haven’t even bought a pumpkin to put on our porch! I think the only reason I got into the “decorating” mode was because RS had wanted to borrow a Halloween costume last Saturday so I got out the plastic bins that contained old costumes from previous years and of course Fall/Halloween decor. I didn’t do much in terms of decorating unlike in the past, but thought these would do . . .

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The familia (and Toby) were supposed to drive down to Southern Cali last Thursday afternoon so that JP can visit a few colleges, namely California State University Long Beach but because of the devastating fire that happened last week in the 7 Southern California counties we decided it wasn’t a good time to go. Besides, Toby was still on the mend and I was having my own “stomach” problems (ulcer?) so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Both JP and AC didn’t have school last Friday so we were going to stay for 3 days/2 nights. This week JP will be applying to various colleges. Wow! Can’t believe that this is JP’s last year in high-school. How time really does fly in high-school.  My nephew (DP) in Texas will be graduating this year too from high-school and the hubs’ niece (Gab) started college this Fall.  In no time, it’ll be AC’s turn. 🙂

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Saturday . . .

I had plans to be domesticated and do house chores and be lazy the rest of the day but come 4:00 p.m., AC said she wanted to look for a Halloween costume. (I wanted to go today, but I forgot she had to be at the Open House at her school.) First we HAD to make a stop Ici to get ice-cream then we walked to Sweet Dreams hoping to see something that AC can be for Halloween. Nada. We then went to one of those Halloween Spirit Stores where everyone else had the same idea so the place was jammed pack, the place looked like it was hit by a tornado and there was nothing AC could find. We went to couple of more smaller stores that sold Halloween costumes, but still nada. 😦 Being the queen bee of procrastination, makes it only difficult and all too frustrating. Oh well, AC doesn’t seem to be too eager to find something. I know we will. We still have Monday and Tuesday. 😉 Anyhoo, it was nice spending a couple of hours with AC yesterday. After our fruitless search for a costume, we did a take out order at Gypsy Trattoria because I felt like having something different (and fast) for dinner and so we had their fruitti di mare.

Sunday . . .

3 loads and one down to go . . . oh and a mountain high of clothes that need to be folded. It’s 9:00 p.m., and I’m multi-tasking . . . doing the laundry, watching TV and blogging. I better get to those clothes that need folding or else I’ll be up all night. Arghh! Well, this will be a quick entry cuz there’s not much to write about other than:

1) This morning, since Jack, Rhon and I will now be handling the baptismal program at church, we had our first baptism (4 babies!). Everything turned out rather smoothly along with a few “oops”  but I think we did great considering this was our first time . . . but again, we had Sil “training” us. After today, we’re on our own.

2) In the afternoon, Toby and I dropped AC at school for their Open House. . . it was about a year ago this time when we took AC to the “same” open house so she can “check” out the different high-schools and now she’s on the “other side of the table” talking to prospective students about “life” at this particular high-school. She also was there to represent the volley ball junior varsity team. After picking up AC and two of her friends, we made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for our weekly items before heading home . . .

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Update on Toby . . .

toby-standing.jpgWell, early this morning Toby did a “tootsie-roll” number meaning that, that’s how his you know what came out looking like. His vet called last night while Kel was playing with him just to follow-up. She said it would take a couple of days for Toby’s”poo-poo” to get back to normal. I was relieved of that this morning. While the hubs was getting ready for work, I gave Toby a small amount of his kibbles mixed with lean ground beef hoping that he’d go . . . and so about a 1/2 hour later, he did! I took a couple of pix of Toby over the weekend . . . these show him standing on the chair leading to where we separate both cat and dog especially when Tina is eating or if there are no humans inside the house. For the past couple of weeks, when we are home, we let them both wander the entire house. As you can see in these two pix, Toby doesn’t look like he even made a visit to the vet last Friday. Yikes! I gotta get ready for work now!


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js-senior-breakfast-006b.jpgYesterday morning, the hubs and I went to the “Senior Breakfast.” [Since AC is in Chorus, she along with the other students were there to perform.] JP’s school invited the parents of Class 2008 for a breakfast which was held at this place over looking the golf course. Each student was given a candle which was lit and placed on the tables, followed by prayers and reflections throughout the 4 years at their school. It was also a nice time for parents to meet and mingle with other parents.


There were a total of 3 families per table . . . we sat with parents whose daughters had gone to school with JP since Kindergarten. We had a wonderful time going down “memory lane” . . . and now we couldn’t believe that our son/daughter will be going off to college. For more pix, please click here.

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