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and this is just one of many . . . for example, putting Toby inside a Macy’s shopping bag.  He wanted me to take a picture of them two . . . he first put Toby inside the bag while they were in the kitchen then later they went to the living room where I followed and took the pix.  I was concerned that the bag wouldn’t hold Toby but the hubs said he had a firm grip and was ready to get Toby just in case the handle breaks. Toby did look quite “content” though . . .




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a Chocolate Christmas! And that’s exactly what we had for Christmas. My boss had given me this book by Marcel Desaulniers for Christmas because she knows how much I love to bake and with chocolate! The first recipe I made out of this book was “Mike’s Blackbottom Cupcakes” which I brought to our family gathering up in Brentwood on Christmas Day . . . I love thee book! 😉

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Yum . . . more chocolates

misc-011.jpg For Christmas, JP brought home a pound of these hand-made truffles . . . 80 truffles mind you. JP knew which ones were my favorites, namely the matcha green tea, the hazelnut, and the triple sec. I know in my earlier post I mentioned that these truffles were noted as one of the 7 greatest chocolates in America and was selected top 10 (in the US)  by Chocolatier Magazine. Yes, they are “that good!” (Nell . . . if you’re reading this post which I know you will because it has to do with “chocolates” . . . . I’ll make sure to have you try them . . . I know we’ll meet up sometime in 2008, di ba?) 😉

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  • (1) 8×10 photo
  • (4) 4×6 photos
  • 48 wallet size photos (2 poses)
  • and I have to add this in . . . “seeing” our son “smiling” in pictures . . . priceless!

christmas-misc-061.jpgGosh . . . my sis-in-law wasn’t kidding when she said the graduation pix are expensive because her daughter had graduated last June . . . this coming June, JP will be graduating from high-school. All I could say was “egads!” when I was pricing out the packages. I wanted to be as frugal and sensible as possible. We still have tons of school pictures when both kiddies were in Kindergarten that we haven’t given all away. I decided to do the a-la-carte vs. the various packages because the beginning package started at around $350.00. We only needed one 8×10 and figured we could get “creative” and make copies if need be . . . my bad! Heck, I’m sure I’m not the only one that does these things.

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misc-025.jpgYesterday the familia sans Toby went to Westfield’s Valley Fair Mall to check out their after Christmas sales.  It doesn’t matter what mall we go to because for some reason, I always always have to set foot inside Pottery Barn and William Sonoma.  Pottery Barn had some great sales going on so I managed to get a table runner for “dirt cheap” (regularly 68.00).  I didn’t notice until I put the runner on the table this morning that it was the wrong size.  Arghh!  Apparently, the runner (which was rolled up) had the wrong price tag . . . the runner that I got was for a longer table which should have cost more than the what I had paid for.  I desperately wanted the same runner but only in a shorter one so I called Pottery Barn at Valley Fair to explain to them and to have them put the correct size on hold.  While this was going on, I didn’t realize that the hubs was watching me and listening to my conversation with Pottery Barn.  I thought he was busy into his “car” book.  misc-037.jpgHe said we should just put the table extension so that the runner will fit.  I pondered a good 15 minutes or so before I had the hubs get the table extension.  I had to “visualize” how it would look in an already “small” dining room.  Ever since we got the table, we never used the extension.  The hubs and I dropped the table extension in the middle and viola . . .  16″ was added to the table but it also meant less space between the wall and the chair.  I told the hubs it looks a bit weird because of the “space” between the chairs (now the table can actually sit 8 people instead of 6 but we only have 6 chairs).  Oh well, eventually I’ll get used to it . . . after all, it’s only 16 inches  . . .  what will I do with my other runners that are now too short!

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nor have I ever.  One must think I’m sooo into Macy’s because of these Christmas ornaments, huh?  Don’t get me wrong . . . I do like Macy’s.  Well, I wanted to take the picture of these ornaments because the one on the left hand side with the white handle was bought back in 1986 when I first started collecting Christmas ornaments.  I have over the years amassed a huge collection of Christmas ornaments but now I only buy a few here and there that I truly like.  The one on the right side was bought a couple of years ago when the familia went to Union Square during the holidays. The background is that of a Macy’s box . . . CE and I had gone Christmas shopping last week to Broadway Plaza . . . I took advantage of CE’s extra 20% discount at Macy’s to buy presents. 😉

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I didn’t like any nor could I find the ornament I wanted for Toby’s First Christmas so I decided to just get the silver photo ornament from Aaron Brothers and inserted the picture that we took of Toby when we first brought him home at 3 months old.

christmas-misc-135.jpg These are a few of the toys that we got for Toby.  He already has the stuffed animal called “Buddy” which seems to be one of his favorites so AC and I bought him the one called “The Vet.”

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