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misc-855b.jpgThis evening, the hubs and I attended the “Kairos” Parent Prayer Service at the basilica where JP & AC attends school. This special prayer service was for the parents to reflect on their son or daughter who is away on a 3-day spiritual retreat . . . . . . JP left Monday morning with his group for Kairos and will be returning tomorrow evening. Kairos is a spiritual retreat with different meanings, but here Kairos is adapted to mean “God’s Time.” Parents were asked to write a letter to their son or daughter which will be given to him/her at the retreat. This retreat is a time for them to reflect on life . . . past and present as they will be graduating from high-school and off to college this year. At first JP said he really didn’t feel like going but it’s a “requirement” to graduate. I think JP felt that way only because he didn’t know what to expect. Two other groups of students in his class had already went but they were not allowed to say where in Los Gatos the retreat was. Everything was like a mystery and hush-hush. We were not to let them know about the letter nor did they know that the parents would be attending a special service tonight for them. I hope that JP will find the retreat to be a very positive and uplifting experience for him. Getting back to the prayer service, each parent had to go around and share with us a quality that we admire about our own son or daughter. For JP, hubs said it was his “honesty.” For me, I had said that JP was considerate, respectful and responsible but another thing I shared with the group was that . . . this year I noticed that JP has started “beating to his own drum.” He is becoming “JP” . . . not because of the clothes, his own peer nor what society “dictates,” but he is becoming his own person. In today’s society, especially in the younger crowd, everything seems to be focused on material things. I am thankful that JP is not like that. I’ve also told JP (and AC too) that having nice clothes, etc. does not make a person . . . but what truly counts is what is “inside.” . . . . that they shouldn’t care so much about what people say about them . . . because that is when you find out who your true friends are. I see myself going off on a tangent here . . . the hubs and I found this prayer service to be very uplifting as well because it gave us a chance to think about JP from when he was born to where he is now. . . I can’t imagine that come September, JP will be 18 years old. JP will always be my “baby boy” no matter at what age. Looking forward to seeing JP tomorrow and giving him a great big hug! The poem I have posted previously was read during our prayer service.


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I gave you life, but I cannot live it for you.
I can teach you things, but I cannot make you learn.
I can give you direction, but I cannot be there to lead you.
I can offer you advice, but I cannot take it for you.
I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you.
I can teach you, of course, to share, but I cannot make you unselfish.
I can tell you about the facts of life, but I cannot build your reputation.
I can warn you about the evil influences of drugs, but I cannot say no for you.
I can pray for you, but I cannot make you walk with God.
I can tell you how to live, but I cannot give you eternal life.

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misc-768.jpgFirst of all, I didn’t find out from AC until late Friday night that she had her varsity softball practice on Saturday morning and secondly, she didn’t tell me about the arts festival that she had school choir performance at one of the private high schools. I/we don’t mind taking AC to her activities but jiminy crickets, can she at least tell us maybe two or three days prior. It’s not like she didn’t know about them ahead of time. It’s just that these “short” notices kind of screws up my plans on the weekends, not that I had any this weekend, but I just like to know so I can plan. Well, AC said that if it rained heavily on Saturday then the practice would be canceled. I was “quietly” hopping that it would. My bad! But, it only drizzled so practice was still held. After dropping AC and Lea to the park, I decided to take Toby out for a walk at Harbor Bay Landing. It was a gloomy day but it was a nice walk because of the man-made lagoon. misc-762.jpgI later went back home as I didn’t want to wait for 2 hours, so after I picked them up, we went out to eat at In & Out. JP had caught whatever nasty bug we had so I made some chicken soup for him in the afternoon. The hubs and I watched this Filipino movie (thumbs down all the way!!!) in the evening while Toby sat and/or slept next to us on the couch. This morning after mass, we headed over to where the arts festival was held . . . we were only there for 2 hours . . .thank goodness! The moms, Jack and SSM and I hung around and viewed the many wonderful art display done by the students from various Catholic schools in the area until it was time for the choir to perform. The hubs hung out with SSM’s hubby, Ron. The beginning choir which AC is a part of did a great job singing “Sentimental Journey,” “I’ll Be There,” and this other song that I can’t remember. (brain fart going on here!)



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Well, first of all, I haven’t been “blogging” as much because I’ve been busy on my Flickr site.  I didn’t realize I could spend hours (kid you not) on my Flickr site . . . uploading photos, editing them, making fun projects out using Dumpr, visiting other Flickrites’ sites, commenting on them and back again.  I’m seriously thinking of not blogging anymore but part of me still wants to because it’s my own way of keeping a journal . . . not of everyday things, but things that I end up writing about.  We shall see.

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“Getting to Know Me” Meme

This was first sent to me via email from other friends but I got “tagged” by Sardonicnell so this one is for him . . .. 😉 BTW, I’m now only posting this but I answered these questions this morning.

1. What is your occupation? Interior Designer turned Administrative Analyst 😉

2. What color are your socks right now? White

3. What are you listening to right now? The sound of the rain drops and Toby’s “whimper.” ;-(

4. What was the last thing that you ate? French toast sticks this morning.

5. Can you drive a stick shift? Never got a chance to “learn” as the hubs was very impatient with me!

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Carnation Pink or Burnt Sienna (only because I like the name)

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? My co-worker called me just now as I am home with Toby.

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? As strange as this may sound . . . although I’ve never met Arnel in person, we’ve connected through blogging as if we’ve known each other for a long time, as we share many similar interests and likes . . . so the answer would be “YES!” (di ba, Nell?) 😉

9. Favorite drink? We are talking about alcohol, yes? Ha! Ha!

10. What is your favorite sport to watch? Figure Skating and Indy 500!

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? Yes, and it wasn’t to cover up the whites either. 😉

12. Pets? American-Curl cat named, Tina-Marie and a Cockapoo name, Toby.

13. Favorite food? Let’s just say I LOVE food, but to name a few would be Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and of course our very own Filipino food, etc., etc., etc.

14. Last movie you watched? We had NetFlix’ed it . . . an old Filipino movie starring Aga Muhlach & Claudine Barreto, titled “Kailangan Kita.”

15. Favorite day of the year? Any non-working and paid holidays (Ditto! See what I mean, we have the same likings!)

16. What do you do to vent anger? Hmmm . . . I explode? Ha! Ha!

17. What was your favorite toy as a child? Well, it would have to be my Barbie Dolls and I did like playing with my bro’s Hotwheels!

18. What is your favorite, fall or spring? I would say I like them both . . . come Fall, I love the colors of the trees when they turn to orange and red . . . and come Spring, I love listening to the chirping birds outside my window early in the morning . . . sometimes to early especially when it’s a weekend.

19. Hugs or kisses? Both . . . but I do tend to “hug” people, even when I’ve only met them.

20. What kind of pie? Chocolate French Silk Pie

21. Do you want your friends to email you back? Yes, definitely . . .however, since this is done via my blog, I won’t be forwarding this to anyone in my blogosphere. I’ve received this tag via email and have already received their responses. Most of my friends and family outside of my “blog-world” do not have blogs . . . they only read my silly and day-to-day entries.

22. Who is most likely to respond? If I send this out via E-mail, most will respond.

23. Who is least likely to respond? The ones that don’t blog?

24. Living arrangements? Own a house and married with 4 children . . . yes, I count Tina and Toby! 😉

25. When was the last time you cried? Not too long ago . . . a good cry is therapy! 😉

26. What is on the floor of your closet? Shoes and bins (inside of them are my handbags)

27. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? Not applicable. 😉

28. The friend you have known the shortest amount of time that you are sending this to? Not applicable. 😉

29. Favorite smell? Thee ocean and suntan lotion because it reminds me of summer!

30. What inspires you? Like what Arnel said . . . it’s the simple life. Also, having wonderful and loving family & friends and my own faith.

31. What are you afraid of? It used to be the thought of my own mother dying, but I realized that I was a stronger person than I really thought when she did pass away. . . other than that, I don’t like being in the dark.

32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Hamburger with Swiss Cheese, Avocado & Alfafa Sprouts

33. Favorite car? If I were given a “choice” of car, it would be the Range Rover Supercharged . . . and white at that!

34. Favorite cat breed? I’m biased too . . . definitely American Curls

35. Number of keys on your key ring? Explorer Key, MB Key, Bimmer Key, House Key, Garage, Explorer’s Gas Tank and the Yakima Bike Rack . . . so that’s what? 7

36. How many years at your current job? Wow, it’ll be 10 years come April of this year which means 12 hours per month of vacation accrual. Wahoo!

37. Favorite day of the week? It would be Friday because I have the weekends to look forward to.

38. How many provinces have you lived in? Only one and that was from birth to 4 years old before coming here.

39. How many countries have you been to? You mean where I’ve actually stepped foot on or my “imaginary” vacations? Ha! Ha! Well, it would be Mexico and the Philippines but my imaginary ones I’ve been to Greece, France, Italy and so on.

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misc-704.jpgI sort of dreaded this day because I didn’t want to have Toby go through the pain of being neutered. We knew it had to be done after weighing in all the pros and cons of being neutered vs. not being neutered. There were more “pros” so of course we had to go for it. Besides the health issues and male “behaviors,” getting him licensed and having to only pay 10.00 per year vs. 100.00 per year for the license fee played a big factor . . . but more importantly, it boiled down to Toby’s “health” in the long run and his “behavior.” Although he is a very loving and affectionate “doggie,” there tends to be time where he shows his aggression. Anyhoo, this morning, I drove Toby to the veterinary hospital. The staff and technician were very friendly and “understood” my feelings that morning. Toby is like a “child” and I treat him as such. It’s like my own child going into the hospital for a surgery, no matter if it was only a “minor” surgery. After the vet examined him to make sure he was in “good” health, I left my poor Toby and headed to work. Besides the neuter, they were also able to extract two of his baby teeth that did not fall out yet. They figured since he was under anesthesia, it was best to extract his two teeth at the same time. I got a call from them in the early afternoon to tell me that Toby was doing fine and that he was resting. I left work early to pick up Toby at 4:00 p.m. As soon as Toby saw me, with little strength he had, he tried to jump out of the technician’s arms with tail wagging for me to get him. We thanked the staff and technician and home we went. For the most part of the evening, Toby was very groggy. I boiled some chicken breast for him to eat later that evening. Since he had the lamp shade looking collar, he had a hard time eating . . . actually he could not eat because the collar would get in the way so I had to put the shredded chicken (mixed with a little bit of his wet food) onto the palm of my hand in order for him to eat. It’s so different seeing Toby this way . . . but I know that our energetic Toby will be up and running in no time . . .

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misc-610b.jpgAC! Yup! AC is under the weather. When we picked AC up from her school dance she attended Friday night, she was complaining about her throat and that she didn’t enjoy the dance partly because she started feeling bleh. Her BFF, Leah was apparently sick already (but I think she told her mom she “wasn’t” so that she can attend the dance . . . ). I wanted to make AC home-made chicken soup (Hearty Chicken Soup) so after meeting with the owners of Stella yesterday, I went to Farmers Joe’s to buy the needed ingredients and more oranges! I even made a quick stop to La Farine bakery and bought a cookie! While I was making the soup, the hubs asked me why was it that when he was sick, misc-602b.jpgall he had was the chicken noodle soup from the can. Which was true! I guess I just didn’t feel like making it. So there . . . while we were all eating the soup, the hubs wouldn’t let up. He kept on comparing the taste of the home-made chicken soup vs. the canned soup. BTW . . . I think the last time I made this soup was for Nanay. It was the last food that I made for her. This “soup” will always remind me of Nanay; however, the only difference this time is that I added elbow macaroni noodles.

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