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rack.jpgYesterday I decided to do some “Spring” cleaning so I tackled the kitchen. We have this baker’s rack that somehow accumulates all sorts of non-food items, i.e. rubik’s cube, the hubs’ tiger balm cream, etc. That was my biggest chore in the kitchen was to “declutter” that area. Anyhoo, we stayed home all day yesterday . . . felt “yucky” with the cleaning that I did so I ended up taking a shower at 8:00 p.m. It would have taken me maybe an hour or so to declutter but I’m so good at dilly-dallying that it took me longer. Well, it felt good after getting rid of things that didn’t belong on the baker’s rack and also cleaned out the cabinet where we keep the cereal, cookies, etc. Since I was home all day yesterday I did some baking (blueberry coffee cake) and in the afternoon, I made some mango pudding. Moving forward to today . . . the hubs and I got up early so we decided to attend the 9:00 a.m. mass. JP had to go to work and AC was still asleep. AC would have gone but we would have been late if we were to wait for me-ac.jpgher to get ready. Today was Palm Sunday so they held the opening prayers outside until it was time to go in. Although the sun was out, the air was nippy. After eating lunch at home, the hubs, AC and I took Toby to this dog park at Point Isabel in Richmond. This was our first time at this dog park. This area is not fenced in but there’s trails to walk your dog either off the leash. We kept Toby on the leash because we were unsure as to how Toby would be “off-leash.” While I walked Toby to mingle with other dogs, the hubs and AC played catch (baseball). AC is on the varsity soft-ball at school so she likes to practice when she has a chance. After the dog park, we quickly made a detour to Target. I later went to Safeway and Farmer Joe’s for our weekly groceries. . . . tomorrow I’ll probably do Trader Joe’s. So . . . . that was that. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend. There too darn short!! 😉


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030908-015.jpgI swear weekends seem to go by sooooooo fast. It’s 3:58 p.m. right now and I’m multi-tasking . . . doing the laundry, uploading the pictures that I took today and blogging. I decided that I’m not going to give up blogging altogether but will post things here and there. If I haven’t been updating my blog, you’ll know I’ve just been busy with my pictures on Flickr. I just love the weather we are having right now. They said it was supposed to rain today. Yeah, right! It was absolutely gorgeous. After mass, we did some Chinese take-out and headed to the small dog park so that Mr. Toby can socialize with other dogs. He’s getting a little better with his social skills though . . . although the “sniffing” butt is still something we have to work on. I know it’s only natural but Toby seems to be doing that sort of thing more than those other dogs we’ve observed. Last Wednesday the hubs took Toby to the dog park and encountered some very “uppity” I-don’t-think-my-shit-stinks folks.030908-031.jpg These two fricken woman complained to the hubs that they didn’t like Toby sniffing their dogs’ butt. Well excuuuuse me . . . they’re dogs for crying out. It’s not like Toby kept on doing it but they just didn’t want him doing it to begin with. The hubs said the dogs were those ones with the fricken bows and the owners treated them as if they were prima donas. Ass-holes! At least on my blog I can “vent” and say these “bad” words. Well, Toby had a great time (playing and sniffing . . ha! ha!) with the other doggies. This was the first time there were actually 3 or 4 dogs in the small dog park so Toby enjoyed himself. Afterwards since we were in the vicinity, I told the hubs I wanted to take pictures of the Mormon Temple and so I did and they are uploading while I’m blogging now. Yesterday Toby and I dropped AC off at her varsity softball practice. Toby and I walked around “the landing” . . . KV knew I would be there so we met up and walked around a bit. AC had gone to her friend, C’s house after the practice and had stayed there until the evening when it was time for us to pick her up. . . . and so, that was my weekend. The washing machine stopped . . . my pictures are 74% complete to upload . . . . gotta dry that load and put another load in. Dang . . . I still have to go to the market and produce this afternoon . . . . Arghhhhh! 😉 Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!!

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Last Saturday AC attended her first Pre-Prom held at The “O” Club. This pre-prom was for the freshman & sophomores at AC’s school.  It was a “masquerade” theme and they had those colorful masks like you see at Mardi Gras.  All the way right up to the prom, AC didn’t sound like she was really interested in going, but when the hubs and I picked her up that evening, she said she had a very wonderful time. A couple of guys had asked her to go to the prom with her but AC told them she wanted to just to go on her own with her gurl friends. I’m glad that she enjoyed herself as I’m sure she’ll be planning to go next year. Anyhoo, Saturday was rather hectic only because I dilly-dallied in the morning so by the time AC and I left to look for some shoes and do some other errands it was already way past 1:00 p.m.  The hubs even had me go to the dealership to buy some silicone glue as he is still working on my car.  RS was supposed to have done AC’s make-up but she had to go to SF that evening so I ended up doing AC’s make-up.  Oh  . . . after spending 100.00 bucks to get AC’s hair permed with body wave back in January, she decides now that she likes her hair straight  . . . so for the prom that evening and on other days, she has been using the flat iron to straighten her hair.  Arghhh!  While AC was getting ready, I was on the internet filling out JP’s financial aid for college.  We had months to do this, but being the queen bee of procrastination, I had only that day to complete and submit because it was due the following day . . . Oh here’s a picture of AC . . . this picture is also on my flickr site and will upload more pictures after editing.


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misc-768.jpgFirst of all, I didn’t find out from AC until late Friday night that she had her varsity softball practice on Saturday morning and secondly, she didn’t tell me about the arts festival that she had school choir performance at one of the private high schools. I/we don’t mind taking AC to her activities but jiminy crickets, can she at least tell us maybe two or three days prior. It’s not like she didn’t know about them ahead of time. It’s just that these “short” notices kind of screws up my plans on the weekends, not that I had any this weekend, but I just like to know so I can plan. Well, AC said that if it rained heavily on Saturday then the practice would be canceled. I was “quietly” hopping that it would. My bad! But, it only drizzled so practice was still held. After dropping AC and Lea to the park, I decided to take Toby out for a walk at Harbor Bay Landing. It was a gloomy day but it was a nice walk because of the man-made lagoon. misc-762.jpgI later went back home as I didn’t want to wait for 2 hours, so after I picked them up, we went out to eat at In & Out. JP had caught whatever nasty bug we had so I made some chicken soup for him in the afternoon. The hubs and I watched this Filipino movie (thumbs down all the way!!!) in the evening while Toby sat and/or slept next to us on the couch. This morning after mass, we headed over to where the arts festival was held . . . we were only there for 2 hours . . .thank goodness! The moms, Jack and SSM and I hung around and viewed the many wonderful art display done by the students from various Catholic schools in the area until it was time for the choir to perform. The hubs hung out with SSM’s hubby, Ron. The beginning choir which AC is a part of did a great job singing “Sentimental Journey,” “I’ll Be There,” and this other song that I can’t remember. (brain fart going on here!)



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misc-610b.jpgAC! Yup! AC is under the weather. When we picked AC up from her school dance she attended Friday night, she was complaining about her throat and that she didn’t enjoy the dance partly because she started feeling bleh. Her BFF, Leah was apparently sick already (but I think she told her mom she “wasn’t” so that she can attend the dance . . . ). I wanted to make AC home-made chicken soup (Hearty Chicken Soup) so after meeting with the owners of Stella yesterday, I went to Farmers Joe’s to buy the needed ingredients and more oranges! I even made a quick stop to La Farine bakery and bought a cookie! While I was making the soup, the hubs asked me why was it that when he was sick, misc-602b.jpgall he had was the chicken noodle soup from the can. Which was true! I guess I just didn’t feel like making it. So there . . . while we were all eating the soup, the hubs wouldn’t let up. He kept on comparing the taste of the home-made chicken soup vs. the canned soup. BTW . . . I think the last time I made this soup was for Nanay. It was the last food that I made for her. This “soup” will always remind me of Nanay; however, the only difference this time is that I added elbow macaroni noodles.

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for passing on this nasty flu bug! I hardly was home all day yesterday because I was out helping Bril with the move and in the evening as soon as I got home from helping Bril, I left to go out with the gurls. I knew I was coming down with something last night before I went to bed but I thought it would just go away . . . I told AC that I’d take her shopping today. When I got home from Bril’s, I asked AC why she looked like she was going out. . . I thought she had made plans to meet up with her friends at Bay Street . . . but she told me that she thought I’d be home early from Auntie Bril’s and that I would be able to take her shopping. I felt so bad . . . I never told her that I’d take her shopping yesterday. So, despite my miserable self, I quickly took her to Stoneridge. She was very understanding if I wasn’t up to it but sometimes a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. 😉 When we got home, I took naps here and there. The hubs had made some soup from those Knorr’s packaged soups (Crab Corn Soup). “Work” knows I may not be in tomorrow. I’ll use that day to continue my rest and drink up . . . The hubs said I should get some rest and turn the lap top off. I think I will . . . hope you all had a great weekend. BTW . . . It was such a lovely “Spring” like weather today in the Bay Area. 😉

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“Can You Hear Me?”

Nanay, where are you.
Are you down on earth or in the sky?
So much has changed.
Why’d you have to die?

Our family misses you
in every single way
all my feelings are caught inside
Can I have another day?

If I can go to Heaven
and see you smile once more
to have your love,confidence,and compassion
Can you open the door?

I’m lonely in my room
there’s no one next to me
I pray and try to be comforted
But sadness is all I see.

We know you’re watching over
us from all sides
you’re with God everywhere
Please don’t let us cry.

I know that mom is hurt
because you are her mom
but I do love my family
I hope she’s becoming strong.

From this day on
remember we won’t forget
you are with us everyday
and we’ll keep our memories spent.

Please just know
I have so much to say
You are our hero
You’re amazing in every way.

We love you
with all of our heart
you’re not gone away
you’re still a huge part…


 The poem you have just read was written by AC for her Religion Class.  She had sent it to me via at work this afternoon which I had shared with some of my co-workers, and now I’m sharing it with you.  Of course after reading it, I got all teary-eyed because I know that AC still misses and will forever miss her “Nanay.”  (the word “Nanay” means “mother” in Tagalog . . . both kiddies ended up calling her “Nanay” instead of “Lola” when growing up only because they would hear the hubs and I calling her that.  Those two have shared a very special bond . . one that will AC keep so very close to her heart. Lastly, the picture of AC above was taken when she was in the 6th grade . . . the year Nanay died on 9/01/05.



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