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Yum . . . more chocolates

misc-011.jpg For Christmas, JP brought home a pound of these hand-made truffles . . . 80 truffles mind you. JP knew which ones were my favorites, namely the matcha green tea, the hazelnut, and the triple sec. I know in my earlier post I mentioned that these truffles were noted as one of the 7 greatest chocolates in America and was selected top 10 (in the US)  by Chocolatier Magazine. Yes, they are “that good!” (Nell . . . if you’re reading this post which I know you will because it has to do with “chocolates” . . . . I’ll make sure to have you try them . . . I know we’ll meet up sometime in 2008, di ba?) 😉


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Thanks to my good ol’ buddy “Yawo” who gave me a Starbuck’s gift card and some Scharffen Berger Chocolates from a colleague . . . I was happy as happy can be. BTW . . . I happened to buy the magnet last Friday at noon time not knowing I was going to be getting the Starbuck’s gift card and chocolates later that afternoon. 😉

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AC and I shared one of these Cheesecake Factory’s double chocolate cupcake at the Starbuck’s in Barnes & Noble at Bay Street this afternoon . . .

img_4170b.jpg When we got home, there was a small white box on the dining table. I knew right away they were truffles that JP had brought home from work . . . the two in the middle are non-liqueured truffles, “noisette” (hazelnut-coated) and the others are liqueured truffles, “amaretto” (dusted with cocoa powder).


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