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Two days ago I had a bout with vertigo. I was on the computer at work when I started feeling dizzy. At first I thought it would subside but as minutes past, my dizziness got even worse. They ended up calling the EMT/paramedics but first the campus police came along with the fire department. Right before they came though, I was feeling very very naeseous (if you know what I mean). Well, eventually the EMT/paramedics came and whisked me on the gurney and off I went straight to the ER. Bril had come with me (love you Bril!) in the ambulance. Moments later, the hubs came too. After spending several hours and monitoring my vitals, they discharged me at around 4’ish in the afternoon. The hubs had already taken Bril back to work by then. The verdict was what I thought I had . . . “vertigo.” The last bout I had with vertigo was at least 10 years ago but I remember that one was worse because I had the sensation that the room was spinning endlessly in circles. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor and probably my neurologist. We shall see . . . Right now the hubs is taking Toby out for his morning stroll while here I am at the lap top. This is still resting for me although I do have a pounding headache now. Arghhh! Believe it or not I actually baked (for the first time) this Salvadorian Quesadilla cake this morning . . . that was before my friggen headache. We’ll see how it turns out.

Yesterday was my first day being home after my ER episode. The hubs and I quickly went to Mi Pueblo to get a few things for this week’s dinner and since we were already there, I ended up getting my veggies and fruits instead of going to Farmer Joe’s. In turns out that I am low on potassium too so I’ve loaded up with bananas. Since I had time to actually make dinner (from scratch), I made chicken menudo (instead of pork this time). As I was preparing the dinner, I get a knock on the door . . . it was Bean and Father “G” . . . Father “G” had insisted to Bean that he wanted to “surprise” me. Boy was I surprised. Luckily I was up and about and not feeling miserable. 😉 Anyhoo, they ended up staying for dinner. It was nice that they came over to visit and was glad that what I had prepared would work out.


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misc-477b.jpgAll I can say was that this was one fun night! SSM had won a raffle for some free appetizers and margaritas for 99 cents (the first round) so that’s why we went to El Torito at the San Leandro Marina. There were a total of 7 crazy gurls that evening (Jack, KV, SSM, LR, and SSM’s two friends N & C . . and me!) ! I can’t remember what we talked and laughed about but all I know fun was had by all. Maybe I had one too many drinks! Ha! We ate and drank and drank the night away. Actually, I only had two drinks because I knew I would be driving home. misc-394b.jpgThe second margarita which KV and I had ordered (the mango margarita) wasn’t “strong” at all. It tasted more like mango nectar with a itty-bitty spike of tequila. Anyhoo, we called it quits around 10:00 p.m. Since I was “capable” of driving, I told Jack and SSM that KV and I would take them home so that SSM’s husband didn’t have to pick them up. We decided that it was way too early to go home and that we would go to Fenton’s or “we would do a coffee run.” As we were driving along 880 Northbound, I realized that my car started loosing power. I tried to accelerate but the rpm was going down . . . KV heard me repeating the words “I’m loosing power,” but the two crazy gurls in the back (Jack and SSM) just kept on babbling about. It wasn’t until I was able to pull over to the side of the freeway (and boy was it scary because the shoulder was not that wide), they both wondered why I pulled over. Well, all that alcohol they consumed that evening went right out of their system . . . 🙂 I immediately called State Farm thinking their voice message would give an 800 number at the same time KV and Jack were trying to get a hold of the hubs. No luck with the 800 number so the hubs gave me the number to the “towing company” that works with our State Farm agent. I get on the phone and this lady tells me that my State Farm agent is not or has not ever been on their list. I was fuming because I knew darn well that the towing company does . . . we’ve had the same agent since 1979 and have always dealt with the towing company. She was pretty rude too so I know come Monday I will definitely have a bone to pick with our State Farm agent. By that point, I didn’t know what to do . . . I knew we’d have to contact another towing company but I decided to try to start the engine . . .and it WORKED! I checked the rpm and it felt that it was having a hard time going to 20. I figured as long as I drove on the city streets home that we’d be OK since the car started loosing power at 60 mph. I was also low on gas but the light indicator wasn’t lit but we took the first exit and got gas. It took as about a good 40 or so minutes driving the city streets to go home. . . at least we made it home. Whew! (Come morning, the hubs checked the engine and said everything seemed “fine.” Something about the fuel filter needs to be changed but that wouldn’t cause me to loose power. The hubs is baffled as to why I lost power. He took my car up to the hills, “reved” the engine beyond 60 mph . . . no problem? The hubs just think (jokingly) that I was 1) hallucinating or 2) had too many drinks. He’ll check out the car again when he’s feeling better but for now, it seems to work? Hmmmm? Oh . . . for pix of this crazy night, click here

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Da Move . . .

misc-409b.jpgYesterday I drove to Vallejo to help my bud, Bril move. The hubs was supposed to have helped as well but he’s been sick since last Thursday with that nasty flu bug. Anyhoo, Bril was moving just several blocks from her old place. Most of the move had already taken place so by the time I got there, we only did one round . . . .after that we at at IHOP for lunch but had breakfast “food.” After all, IHOP is known for breakfast . . . it’s like ordering a “chicken” at a a place where they’re specialty is seafood. Our other co-hort (Mama ‘Doms) and Bril’s niece, Ms. P were there too to help move all of Bril’s clothing, etc. I never knew she had soooooo much friggen shoes either! She had bags and bags of shoes, sandals, booths, tennis shoes and slippers. Bril said she’ll miss the fireplace the most so I took a picture of it and the big picture window in the living room.  After Bril’s niece and Mama ‘Doms left, we went shopping for some shower curtains, etc.  Since we were in the area, I made a detour to SeaFood City.  I kind of lost track of time and forgot about the traffic on 80 going home as I had a “gurl’s night out” at 7:00 p.m. that evening.  Got home around 6’ish . . . took a shower, got ready and KV (who was already at the house) a little past 7:00 p.m. . . .


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mac-nuts.jpgThis evening I got a call from CE who is enjoying the tropical weather in Hawaii right now (while we’re expected to have rain in the next couple of days) . . . she called to tell me they didn’t have my fave . . . the Mauna Loa’s Butter Glazed Macadamia Nuts.  Every time when she goes back to Hawaii (which is quite frequently . . . lucky her! ;-)) she always brings me back a can of the butter glazed mac nuts and other Hawaiian “goodies.”  CE said she’ll just get me the chocolate covered ones for now. Can’t wait until she gets back for all them goodies.  Oink! 😉

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kv-005b.jpgKV came over the house this evening kv-004b.jpgas she has been doing every “Wednesday” for the past month or so. I didn’t know that she was going to bring food from El Pollo Loco so we ended up with a smorgasbord of food. While I was still at work, the hubs “prepared” kv-001a.jpgthe tri-tip steak (from Costco) so when I got home, all I had to do was the baby red potatoes and asparagus. KV’s “therapy” was to eat, play with Toby, change our “perpetual” calendar and go with me to Alameda Towne Center at 8:30 p.m. to look for some “jammies” for AC to wear to school on Friday (Pajamas Day) . . . and so that was KV’s therapy session. kv-003b.jpgkv-002b.jpg


KV playing ball with Toby . . . and last but not least, KV’s “responsibility” when she comes over is to make sure that our perpetual calendar in the kitchen is on the right month. She’s been lacking since July because our calendar still had “July” and it’s already “December.” Everyone in the household is too lazy to change it every month, so KV has been changing it for us . . . although I don’t know what happened because the last time she changed it was back in July.



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petaluma.jpgI finally made my second visit to Petaluma to visit Rina after all these years . . . and come to think of it, Petaluma is only about a 45-minute drive from where I live. Right before noon, KV, Mandy, AC, Toby and I got inside my car and went on our “field-trip.” It was a nice drive up on Highway 101 . . . the weather was beautiful for a November day. Rina was shocked that morning when she found out that I/we were going to visit her. You see, I ALWAYS have her come down. Just kidding, but since this was my 2nd visit since 1992 (?), it was time that I took a drive up to thee country. It’s not like she lives hours and hours away . . . Anyhoo, Rina took us to Historic Downtown Petaluma . . . went inside a couple of “thrift” stores and bought some “stuffs”. (The hubs would call them “junk!”) Around 5’ish, we went to the Premium Outlets in Petaluma. (That’s the one Rina had built for me because she knew I would never visit her if there weren’t any shopping centers around.) Even thought it’s been opened for some time now, this was our first time (mine & KV’s) at the outlet. We had a great time. What was nice about it was that I was able to spend time with both of my high school buds. I told Rina I’d visit again . . . hopefully soon? For more pix, click here . . .

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Because of my love for food and I mean LOVE for FOOD, all that “good” stuff went passed my lips and unto my hips . . . waist, arms, ici2.jpgface, and every other parts of my body. Did I mention waist? 🙂 It’s so hard to stick to good eating habits for me because I love ice-cream, pastries, cookies, bread (good bread, not your ordinary loaf of bread . . . but bakery/artisan style bread). I was contemplating about starting the “3 Day Diet” after the New Years but I thought I’d try it so that I could get a jump start on my diet. You see, if I notice that I am beginning to loose weight (with the help of the 3-day diet), then maybe that would be an incentive for me to “cut” back and not be soooo piggish. I’d still have my “treats” here and there but I have to remind myself in “moderations” only. For example this afternoon, CE and I went to Ici. Instead of getting a small scoop, I just had to get the large scoop (3 scoops . . . huckleberry, creme fraiche and vanilla with fudge swirl). Although CE loves to eat, I think I tend to eat more “junk” stuff than she. ici3.jpgWhen CE found out that the “truffle” shop where JP works carry Mitchell’s Ice-cream, we went there after Ici’s. CE bought each of us a scoop of the “ube”(purple yam) ice-cream. As soon as JP gave me my scoop, CE was surprised that I was about to eat it because just about 1/2 hour ago we had already indulged at Ici’s. I think I would have ate my ice-cream if CE didn’t make me feel so “piggish” so we asked for the lid and took it home. (BTW . . . the hubs ended up eating the ube ice-cream.) We’ll see how the 3-day diet ici1.jpgworks . . . 😉

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