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It was a gloomy Saturday although it didn’t rain, only a few drizzles here and there. Early morning, the hubs, Toby and I did our “walk” at the lake but this time we started near the Farmer’s Market. We got a brioche and coffee and headed misc-112.jpgtowards the lake. We didn’t go around the entire lake because we weren’t sure whether or not we were going to get rained on. On our way to the lake, we passed by this park where my parents used to take my bro and I when we were little . . . we had called it the “flying saucer” park because at one time they had one of those flying saucer play structure. Of course it’s been eons ago (like 35 plus years ago) so I was somewhat sad that it was no longer there, but instead they had this play structure to resemble being on the “moon.” Well, at least the “theme” was somewhat kept.” Another “place” that is no longer was this fast food called “Kwik Way.” We had past by it on our stroll to the Farmer’s Market. Before we knew any better misc-116.jpg(growing up that is) and before the days of “junk food,” this place was definitely king. Kwik Way was notorious for their greasy fries and chicken. I’m not going to “criticize” this place because I hate to admit, we more or less “grew” up eating at Kwik Way. We didn’t have it every week but back then, it was our “Mickey D’s.” I remember having their fried prawns or chicken with fries served in a cardboard box. Kwik Way was like an “institution” . . . just like “Doggie Diners.” It’s a nice feeling to have these kind of “memories” to fall back on. Those were the days with my “family” before my “family” now. 😉


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