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jp-wound.jpgWell, that’s exactly what this dog (a Rottweiler Mix) did to JP yesterday while he was on his way to work at the truffle shop.  Of all the days the truffle shop needed JP the most, he was not able to work.  You see, as he was walking towards the truffle shop, a dog who was tied to a meter, “snapped” at JP’s bottom right rear.  I get a phone call from him telling me what had happened to him, thinking all that time he got bit on the leg.  He couldn’t see the extent of the wound but all he knew it had a “burning” sensation. Since Rite Aid was across the street, I told him to go to the pharmacist to have them check out the wound . . . that’s when JP told me that it wasn’t his leg that got bit, but as JP put it into his own words:  “Mom! I can’t show them because the dog bit my on my lower butt cheek!”  I had to laugh only because they way he said it.  Moments like this you just don’t know what to do especially since I was at work.  After calling JP’s doctor’s office to be seen, I  immediately called the hubs (who was already home) to take JP to his doctor’s office in Orinda.  JP was treated and prescribed antibiotics.   While JP was waiting for the hubs to take him to the doctor’s, JP had bought me a 1/4 lb. of truffles (about 20 pcs).  The hubs brought JP back to the truffle shop so that JP can get his own car.  Later when JP got home, he handed me the box of truffles and a dozen long-stemmed roses.  I was so touched because I knew what he had gone through that afternoon.  I won’t go into the details until this situation has been resolved.  All I can say is that the owners of the dog were very apologetic.


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Yesterday, the familia was invited to celebrate Baby K’s father, Kuya T’s birthday at World Gourmet Buffet in Fremont. This was also the same place where we had AC’s graduation reception back in June. Unfortunately JP wasn’t able to make it because he had to work. We had a great time stuffing ourselves silly, talking about all sorts of things and laughing about the silliest things. We truly enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, we continued the celebration by going to their house . . . but we went home first to get Toby. I was hoping that Toby would “play” with Zeus, their 12-year old Pit Bull, but Toby being a playful puppy was a little to “wild” for Zeus so we had to put Zeus in another room. While the gurls (AC, her friend Lea) played with JO, we glued ourselves to watching some of the programs on TFC. It was fun “hanging” out with them because it has been a while since we’ve visited them. (See, I’m trying to make good with my “new year’s resolutions” by visiting/spending time with relatives more often.) 😉  I’ve finally uploaded some of the photos that I took.

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for good luck and prosperity in the new year! And so on New Year’s Eve, CE made sure that we had our share of black-eyed peas. When I brought her the pancit that I made, she in turn gave me a bowl of “guinisang mungo” (Filipino dish with pork, shrimp, spinach, cracklings sauted in garlic, oil and ? (I’ve never made it so I’m just trying to remember what this dish consist of) . . . but instead of using mung beans as what the recipe calls for, she put black-eyed peas.


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I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year’s and here’s wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous 2008! I dread going back to work tomorrow after being off since December 24th (actually December 21st at 3:00 p.m. to be exact). We didn’t go anywhere with the kiddies although I would have loved to have gone up to the snow. I guess there’s still time. The kiddies haven’t snowboarded in ages. It was nice being off from work and doing basically “nothing”. Monday late morning (New Year’s Eve) was spent with my MIL while the hubs stayed and visited with his father. My MIL and I went to Moraga to do a little bit of shopping and took Shepard Canyon/Pinehurst Road over and through the mountains to get where we wanted to go. Although it’s a very narrow and windy road, I just love going through that area because of all the redwood trees. It was nice spending time with my MIL too! In the evening, we all stayed home except for JP who went to SF with his friends. I was in my cooking mode until 10:00 p.m. Earlier that evening, I brought over the pancit and bibingka that I made to RS and CE. This morning I attended the 9:00 New Year’s Day mass. I actually WALKED to church and WALKED back home too! Afterwards, JP went with me to visit Ate L. Even though she only lives about 3 exits away from me, I didn’t see her at all in 2007. I will make it a point to visit her more often. It was nice seeing her and chatting with her. Unfortunately, Jen wasn’t there. I told Ate L now that I know how to make pancit, the next visit I’ll bring some. 😉 In the afternoon, the four of us including Toby went walking around Broadway Plaza. CostPlus had their Christmas stuffs at 75% off so I bought a few ornaments and garland for next year. I just had to take a picture of JP holding Toby on the leash while we were at Broadway Plaza. And so, that wraps up how my last couple of days was spent before going back to WORK. Arrghh!   Note:  The “You-Tube” video is from “sphinctank’s” video.


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and this is just one of many . . . for example, putting Toby inside a Macy’s shopping bag.  He wanted me to take a picture of them two . . . he first put Toby inside the bag while they were in the kitchen then later they went to the living room where I followed and took the pix.  I was concerned that the bag wouldn’t hold Toby but the hubs said he had a firm grip and was ready to get Toby just in case the handle breaks. Toby did look quite “content” though . . .



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a Chocolate Christmas! And that’s exactly what we had for Christmas. My boss had given me this book by Marcel Desaulniers for Christmas because she knows how much I love to bake and with chocolate! The first recipe I made out of this book was “Mike’s Blackbottom Cupcakes” which I brought to our family gathering up in Brentwood on Christmas Day . . . I love thee book! 😉

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nor have I ever.  One must think I’m sooo into Macy’s because of these Christmas ornaments, huh?  Don’t get me wrong . . . I do like Macy’s.  Well, I wanted to take the picture of these ornaments because the one on the left hand side with the white handle was bought back in 1986 when I first started collecting Christmas ornaments.  I have over the years amassed a huge collection of Christmas ornaments but now I only buy a few here and there that I truly like.  The one on the right side was bought a couple of years ago when the familia went to Union Square during the holidays. The background is that of a Macy’s box . . . CE and I had gone Christmas shopping last week to Broadway Plaza . . . I took advantage of CE’s extra 20% discount at Macy’s to buy presents. 😉

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