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Last month I was notified that one of my pictures that I took when the familia and I were down in Carmel last summer was selected to be on the 4th Edition Schmap’s Monterey/Carmel Guide. The “published” photo is below. It was taken at Cannery Row . . . . As you may recall, my first published photo was that of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento (also for the same guide but of course different city). Wahooo!! Although there is no monetary award, just having the photo is good enough for me. 🙂 Note: One picture that I did submit does have a monetary award so if I win, I sure would love to get a big gurl’s camera. Ha! Ha!






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Last month I rec’d. an email informing me that this photo has been short-listed for inclusion in one of Sacramento’s guide book, “Schmap” . . . and yesterday, I rec’d. another email informing me that it has been selected for inclusion! Yay!! Although there’s no “monetary” amount involved, just having one of my picture “published” is good enough for me! 😉 Click here to see the Schmap Sacramento Guide . . . BTW . . . this photo was taken when the hubs and I took the AmTrak to Old Town Sacramento back in March 2007.

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