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but only in “black.”  While visiting Flickr’s “What’s in Your Bag” Group pool, (which I recently joined) I ran across a picture that had a handbag organizer. I quickly googled “handbag organizer” and ran across this website called Chameleon. Although I already use a small zippered pouch to put all the smaller items in, i.e. pill box, mints, pens, etc. I thought this one will make it a little bit more manageable to switch hand bags because most of the items will all go inside this here bag. OK . . . am I justifying an excuse to buy it . . . because do I really need it? Hmmmm . . . . Below is a picture found on my Flickr page of what I submitted to the “What’s in your Bag” Group Pool.


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misc-025.jpgYesterday the familia sans Toby went to Westfield’s Valley Fair Mall to check out their after Christmas sales.  It doesn’t matter what mall we go to because for some reason, I always always have to set foot inside Pottery Barn and William Sonoma.  Pottery Barn had some great sales going on so I managed to get a table runner for “dirt cheap” (regularly 68.00).  I didn’t notice until I put the runner on the table this morning that it was the wrong size.  Arghh!  Apparently, the runner (which was rolled up) had the wrong price tag . . . the runner that I got was for a longer table which should have cost more than the what I had paid for.  I desperately wanted the same runner but only in a shorter one so I called Pottery Barn at Valley Fair to explain to them and to have them put the correct size on hold.  While this was going on, I didn’t realize that the hubs was watching me and listening to my conversation with Pottery Barn.  I thought he was busy into his “car” book.  misc-037.jpgHe said we should just put the table extension so that the runner will fit.  I pondered a good 15 minutes or so before I had the hubs get the table extension.  I had to “visualize” how it would look in an already “small” dining room.  Ever since we got the table, we never used the extension.  The hubs and I dropped the table extension in the middle and viola . . .  16″ was added to the table but it also meant less space between the wall and the chair.  I told the hubs it looks a bit weird because of the “space” between the chairs (now the table can actually sit 8 people instead of 6 but we only have 6 chairs).  Oh well, eventually I’ll get used to it . . . after all, it’s only 16 inches  . . .  what will I do with my other runners that are now too short!

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Glass Beads . . .

Here are some of the glass beaded jewelry that I bought for Christmas gifts.  Of course I had to buy a couple for me . . . 😉

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Paper or Plastic?

ah-bag.jpg Well, my Anya Hindmarch‘s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” arrived today when I got home from work. I had wanted one when they first came out in the summer but AC’s godmother who lives in the Los Angeles area was not successful at snagging any. I long forgot about it but while I was on Ebay, something “urged” me to bid. Yes, I made two bids on Ebay (one bag for me, the other bag for CE). I was hoping that our local Whole Foods would have carried them but after doing some research, I found out that some Whole Foods Market in the Tri-State area (New York) were the only ones that carried them. We won’t go into how much I “paid” for thee bag. Let’s just say the shipping alone came to almost the actual price of the bag had I was able to snag one at $15.00. I get into this “frenzy” once in a while where I have to have the merchandise (within reasons of course). 😉 Anyhoo, back to the bag . . . this was a must-have bag last summer. So I ask myself, is it a “fashion statement” or I am taking a “green” stance . . . hmmm? I say both! At the home front and even at work, we take part in recycling papers, cans, bottles, plastic, etc. Did you know I even go to the trouble of “washing” out the jars from a mayonnaise, etc.? Weird, huh? Oh . . . at home, we even changed many of our light bulbs to those compact fluorescent bulbs. The “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” is part of Anya Hindmarch’s effort towards making the world a greener place. She claims that every year, each person uses an average of 167 plastic bags, which obviously sit in landfills, doing nothing for the environment. I know San Francisco has banned the use of plastic bags and I’m sure many neighboring cities will follow suite. In Berkeley, they’ve already banned the use of styro foam containers. I try to do my share in helping out with the environment and going “green” , but I know there’s more to it than just “carrying” thee “Bag.”

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Each year during the holidays, the familia usually takes BART to the city to “experience” the Christmas/Holiday rush and of course to see all the beautiful Christmas window decorations, etc. The hubs and JP had to work today so I thought I’d spend the time with AC. In the early morning, we (AC, Toby and I) went to Alameda Towne Centre to buy some beaded jewelry to give as Christmas gifts. We couldn’t bring Toby with us to SF so after dropping Toby home, we took BART to the city. . . and there we spent several hours at Westfield’s San Francisco Centre and walked around Union Square. We decided to eat first to nourish our body for the “walking” that was going to take place . . . so we ate at Askew Grill. For this delicious repast, I had their Thai BBQ and AC had their Texas BBQ. bracelet.jpgI just love their garlic mashed potato although my plate came with jasmine rice. I had to take several spoonfuls from AC. We managed to buy a few more Christmas gifts for family/friends. [AC fell in love with one of the charm bracelets from Juicy Couture at Bloomies so I told her I’d buy it as part of her Christmas gift.) After several hours of walking/shopping (and fighting the crowd, which I don’t “really” mind because that is what is to be expected during this time) we called it quits . . . to end the day, we each had a double scoop of gelato from Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe at SF Centre. . . we ate our gelato while waiting for BART to take us back home. It was indeed a wonderful day/evening spent with AC . . . for a few more pix of our “outing” . . . please click here . . .

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motorola-razrv3-pink-l.gif(my “freebie” from AT&T/Cingular)

thee-bag.jpg(my Anya Hindmarch tote bag . . . one for CE too!)

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This was my first year that I didn’t go out (Black Friday Shopping) at the same time the roosters would crow only because for 1) JP & AC are grown and no longer into “toys” and/or 2) many of my relatives’ and friends’ kiddies are also grown and are not into toys. Not like before, KV and I would leave at the crack of dawn to go to Toys ‘R Us at 5:00 in the morning. I remember one year when my familia spent the Thanksgiving Day holiday down in oshc.jpgSouthern Cali, I actually went to the nearest Toys ‘R Us where my cousin lives just so that I can get some good deals on toys. Last year’s was Target and some other stores. This year believe it or not, I went with the hubs to the Orchard’s Supply Hardware (OSH) in Moraga. I figured since I was already up at 6:00 a.m., I’d go for the nice drive through the redwoods and over the mountain despite the “nippy” weather. The temp were we lived was oshb.jpgat 38 degrees F but when we got to Moraga, I couldn’t believe the temp had dropped 12 degrees at 29. No wonder it was fricken chilly . . . but I had my Starbuck’s to keep me warm. An hour after we got back home, the hubs wanted me to go to Sears with him . . . while he “shopped” for the “tools” he wanted, I was to double park or go around a few times. The hubs is so good at just getting what he wants at the store, and he’s out of there. I took Toby with me. oshe.jpg

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