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Village Market

Last week my cousin KitKat and I made a detour to Village Market after work. Village Market is a small gourmet market nestled in the Oakland Hills (Broadway Terrace) amongst beautiful homes village-market.jpg. Although this store is small, the quality of the food and products they sell definitely make up for it. Next door is their “gift shop and coffee shop” and across from their parking lot is the Broadway Terrace Nursery…KitKat and I were inspired by the beautiful flowering plants so while at Home Depot with the hubs that Saturday, I bought some pansies. pansies.jpgThe hubs said all I do is “kill” the plants…which is true because I tend to get lazy when it comes to watering them. We’ll see…I think I’m actually going to try to take care of them. If not, I’m sure the hubs will like he does with all my other plants. Also I can have Bruh (RS) prune some of my other potted fleurs in the Fall like she did last time…fertilizer and all… Bruh (RS)….what is “dead-headening?”


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