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This afternoon I made this doogie tuna casserole for Toby which I found in my latest issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray.  As I was making it, JP said he wanted to try it and asked if all the ingredients were “people” food.  Of course all the ingredients are “people” food so he tried it.  I”ll have to go on-line and search for a good tuna casserole to make for the familia, but for now . . . this one is for Toby.

  • 1/2 cup Half & Half or Milk
  • 1 6oz. Tuna in water (drained)
  • 1 cup Cooked Egg Noodles
  • 1/4 cup Frozen Green Peas (thawed)
  • 2 Tbsp. Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

In a medium sauce pan, heat the Half & Half over medium heat.  Mash in the tuna.  Stir in the noodles, peas and cheese.  Let cool.

Note:  For the grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese, I substituted grated Parmesan Cheese instead.  As much as I LOVE Toby, I was not about to spend $8.99 vs. $4.49 for that Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese . . . and both were the same size . . . container wise.  I think I’ll check out Trader Joe’s or Farmer Joe’s next time.


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rack.jpgYesterday I decided to do some “Spring” cleaning so I tackled the kitchen. We have this baker’s rack that somehow accumulates all sorts of non-food items, i.e. rubik’s cube, the hubs’ tiger balm cream, etc. That was my biggest chore in the kitchen was to “declutter” that area. Anyhoo, we stayed home all day yesterday . . . felt “yucky” with the cleaning that I did so I ended up taking a shower at 8:00 p.m. It would have taken me maybe an hour or so to declutter but I’m so good at dilly-dallying that it took me longer. Well, it felt good after getting rid of things that didn’t belong on the baker’s rack and also cleaned out the cabinet where we keep the cereal, cookies, etc. Since I was home all day yesterday I did some baking (blueberry coffee cake) and in the afternoon, I made some mango pudding. Moving forward to today . . . the hubs and I got up early so we decided to attend the 9:00 a.m. mass. JP had to go to work and AC was still asleep. AC would have gone but we would have been late if we were to wait for me-ac.jpgher to get ready. Today was Palm Sunday so they held the opening prayers outside until it was time to go in. Although the sun was out, the air was nippy. After eating lunch at home, the hubs, AC and I took Toby to this dog park at Point Isabel in Richmond. This was our first time at this dog park. This area is not fenced in but there’s trails to walk your dog either off the leash. We kept Toby on the leash because we were unsure as to how Toby would be “off-leash.” While I walked Toby to mingle with other dogs, the hubs and AC played catch (baseball). AC is on the varsity soft-ball at school so she likes to practice when she has a chance. After the dog park, we quickly made a detour to Target. I later went to Safeway and Farmer Joe’s for our weekly groceries. . . . tomorrow I’ll probably do Trader Joe’s. So . . . . that was that. Hope ya’ll had a great weekend. There too darn short!! 😉

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030908-015.jpgI swear weekends seem to go by sooooooo fast. It’s 3:58 p.m. right now and I’m multi-tasking . . . doing the laundry, uploading the pictures that I took today and blogging. I decided that I’m not going to give up blogging altogether but will post things here and there. If I haven’t been updating my blog, you’ll know I’ve just been busy with my pictures on Flickr. I just love the weather we are having right now. They said it was supposed to rain today. Yeah, right! It was absolutely gorgeous. After mass, we did some Chinese take-out and headed to the small dog park so that Mr. Toby can socialize with other dogs. He’s getting a little better with his social skills though . . . although the “sniffing” butt is still something we have to work on. I know it’s only natural but Toby seems to be doing that sort of thing more than those other dogs we’ve observed. Last Wednesday the hubs took Toby to the dog park and encountered some very “uppity” I-don’t-think-my-shit-stinks folks.030908-031.jpg These two fricken woman complained to the hubs that they didn’t like Toby sniffing their dogs’ butt. Well excuuuuse me . . . they’re dogs for crying out. It’s not like Toby kept on doing it but they just didn’t want him doing it to begin with. The hubs said the dogs were those ones with the fricken bows and the owners treated them as if they were prima donas. Ass-holes! At least on my blog I can “vent” and say these “bad” words. Well, Toby had a great time (playing and sniffing . . ha! ha!) with the other doggies. This was the first time there were actually 3 or 4 dogs in the small dog park so Toby enjoyed himself. Afterwards since we were in the vicinity, I told the hubs I wanted to take pictures of the Mormon Temple and so I did and they are uploading while I’m blogging now. Yesterday Toby and I dropped AC off at her varsity softball practice. Toby and I walked around “the landing” . . . KV knew I would be there so we met up and walked around a bit. AC had gone to her friend, C’s house after the practice and had stayed there until the evening when it was time for us to pick her up. . . . and so, that was my weekend. The washing machine stopped . . . my pictures are 74% complete to upload . . . . gotta dry that load and put another load in. Dang . . . I still have to go to the market and produce this afternoon . . . . Arghhhhh! 😉 Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!!

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misc-704.jpgI sort of dreaded this day because I didn’t want to have Toby go through the pain of being neutered. We knew it had to be done after weighing in all the pros and cons of being neutered vs. not being neutered. There were more “pros” so of course we had to go for it. Besides the health issues and male “behaviors,” getting him licensed and having to only pay 10.00 per year vs. 100.00 per year for the license fee played a big factor . . . but more importantly, it boiled down to Toby’s “health” in the long run and his “behavior.” Although he is a very loving and affectionate “doggie,” there tends to be time where he shows his aggression. Anyhoo, this morning, I drove Toby to the veterinary hospital. The staff and technician were very friendly and “understood” my feelings that morning. Toby is like a “child” and I treat him as such. It’s like my own child going into the hospital for a surgery, no matter if it was only a “minor” surgery. After the vet examined him to make sure he was in “good” health, I left my poor Toby and headed to work. Besides the neuter, they were also able to extract two of his baby teeth that did not fall out yet. They figured since he was under anesthesia, it was best to extract his two teeth at the same time. I got a call from them in the early afternoon to tell me that Toby was doing fine and that he was resting. I left work early to pick up Toby at 4:00 p.m. As soon as Toby saw me, with little strength he had, he tried to jump out of the technician’s arms with tail wagging for me to get him. We thanked the staff and technician and home we went. For the most part of the evening, Toby was very groggy. I boiled some chicken breast for him to eat later that evening. Since he had the lamp shade looking collar, he had a hard time eating . . . actually he could not eat because the collar would get in the way so I had to put the shredded chicken (mixed with a little bit of his wet food) onto the palm of my hand in order for him to eat. It’s so different seeing Toby this way . . . but I know that our energetic Toby will be up and running in no time . . .

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(I’m taking a quick break to type this entry as I am still at work)

misc-819.jpgI just got a call from the hubs to tell me that while he was taking Toby out for his afternoon walk, Toby decides to “roll” in dung, poop, whatever you want to call it.  Of course this is the first time it has ever happened.  The hubs didn’t know or see that there was “something” on the grass so by the time the hubs looked at Toby, it was already too late.  Why is it that dogs do the strangest things?  Toby is a good and loving puppy, but when he does things like this, I could rip my hair out.  Darn! He was sooooo clean and white after the groomer this weekend but not anymore.  The hubs said he’ll hose Toby down outside before he gives him a bath inside.  Yuck! I’m glad I’m still at work!  😉  OK . . . break time is over.

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020208-001.jpgThis morning the hubs went with me to take Toby to the groomers. This time we took Toby to a grooming salon and not at one of those groomers they have at some pet stores. Maybe it was just a very bad experience we had the first time when we took him to PetSmart, but I vowed to myself I would never bring Toby back again. The first time he got groomed, it was supposed to have been at the grooming salon in Alameda, but appointments had to be made several months in advance. So as soon as Toby got groomed the first time back in October, I immediately called the grooming salon to book an appointment for today. The hubs and I were very pleased with this grooming salon . . . the owner, who is the master groomer, went over the details as to what was going to be done as part of the service. It was amazing because the price I had paid at PetSmart was almost the same as this one, but this salon was so thorough. I don’t mean to put down PetSmart but they did a “fast-food” job on Toby. Being new dog owners, we didn’t know what to expect but after going to this grooming 020208-055.jpgsalon and also from what my friend CE has told me about this salon, we know better now! (The top photo is of Toby with the master groomer, Seiji and the bottom photo is Toby after the cut)

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This morning while I was getting ready for work, I noticed that Toby wasn’t around nor could I hear him. That only meant one thing . . . he was into “mischief.” I swear, he’s like a little toddler. You know they’re up to something (usually not “good”) when it’s too quiet or you don’t see them . . . well, that applies to Toby. Sure enough when I went inside the Dining Room, there was Toby chewing the fibers on one of our rush seats. Luckily I came in time or else he would have probably chewed a good portion of it. Well, since we’ve had Toby since June, this is the first piece of furniture he got a hold of. He did chew on a couple of the wicker baskets though. Of all the gazillion of chew toys Toby has scattered all over the house, I dont’t know what possessed him to go after the dining room chairs. Like I said, he had a “need” for fiber! 😉



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