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they end up wearing similar clothing to work. Nothing can go wrong with your basic black top with jeans. I had Bril take a picture of SGW and me this afternoon. . . I hadn’t seen SGW all day until late in the afternoon when I noticed that we both had on a black top and jeans. . . we also had silver jewelry, a necklace and black shoes. [I had on my clogs! ;-)] The one difference though is how we wore our ID badge . . . SGW around her neck and I had mine tied around one of my belt hoops.


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this is what I found on my desk at work after being gone for 11 days. Actually I was conducting a scientific experiment. Ha! Ha! I forgot all about my orange. It was a sweet and “perfect” orange when I left before the holidays. Oh well, I guess it must have been the moisture in the air. So you see, I wanted to share with you my “molded” orange. 😉 My bad!


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mcnuggets.jpgTwice . . . I repeat twice . . . It happened again!! Because I didn’t want a fricken 10 pc. McChicken like Bril’s and my last visit to Mickey D’s a couple of weeks ago, today, I “specifically” ordered and “annunciated” each word that I wanted to order a Number 9 – – 6 piece (I repeat 6, not 10, but 6!) McNuggets value meal. When it came time to pay, my order came to $5.86. I waited for my hot fudge sundae (My Bad!) . . . the cashier wondered why I just stood there after I had paid. Well, it turns out she didn’t charge me for the sundae. I thought she did because the total came to more than what I thought it should have been. Well, being a pig that I am, I “re-ordered” the sundae and paid for it. When I was walking to where Bril was seated, I told her that “fast-food” is not really “cheap” anymore. Well, when I opened my bag, there inside was a box of the 10 piece McNuggets. Arghhh! No wonder it came to almost $6.00 because of the 10 pc! I didn’t want to make a fuss so I let it go (again!). However, I did go to the counter just to make sure I was reading the “menu board” correctly. I know I need new prescription glasses, but on the board, it said No. 9 was the 6 pc. McNuggets value meal. Bril said they usually ask whether you want a 6 or 10 pc. I remember telling the cashier 6 pieces because I “never” order a 10 pc. no matter how piggish I am. 😉

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Chocolate Fix at work . . .


Need I say more? These snack size bars from Ghiradelli is just the perfect size for a “fix”. . . . although not dark chocolate, this milk chocolate with caramelized almonds did the trick!

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it’s cake-frosting.jpghigh in anti-oxidants . . . 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve baked a cake or any goodies at 5:30 a.m. so I decided to this morning after the hubs left for work. For months now, I’d go back to get another hour of sleep but the Hershey’s cocoa powder was calling out to me . . . “bake me! bake me!” And so I did . . . at least this chocolate cake had added benefits because of its anti-oxidants so it wasn’t all that “bad!” Although I made the frosting too, I didn’t have time to frost it so when I got in I had my co-worker SGW do her “thing” . . .Smucker’s recently came out with what they call “platescapers dessert topping.” It comes in raspberry, caramel & chocolate. I bought the raspberry flavor one and had fun “swirling” it around the edge of the plate and then some. Since I didn’t have the pastry bag to squeeze out the frosting onto the cake, SGW improvised by stapling two pieces of paper to make a “funnel.” See picture and recipe here . . .

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Eight to Five . . .



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Got Milk?

Yup . . . this time I have milk to go with my “cookies” from the Coffee Hour held every Tuesdays from 3-4. I usually get papaya juice but they had a gallon size low fat milk so I went for it. Cookies + Milk = A Happy Me! Oink! OK . . back to work . . . break time is over! Arghh . . . 1.5 hours left to go, and counting . . .






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