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This morning I did the most “silliest” thing by putting on two different my-feet.JPGsandals. . . it wasn’t until an hour or so later while at work that I realized I had one black and the other brown! The thing is, they’re not even the SAME sandals/brand! I told Bril that we both had on the color – brown . . . so when I looked down, I was surprised that I had on a black sandal so I immediately looked at my right foot and too my utterly “embarassment,” the other side was brown in color. I tell ya . . . I provided free entertainment that morning because everyone was just cracking up. How could I not “feel” there was a difference with each sandal? Duh!! I guess we’ve all done something really outrageous! So I hope ya’ll had good laugh too! (Yes, I have ugly big toes and wide feet . . . that’s the result of having always “loving” to go bare-footed!) P.S. Aside from “rushing” in the morning to get ready for work, I blame this on the “day-light” savings because I had quickly dashed in to get my sandals in the dark . . . remember, it’s darker in the morning but lighter in the evenings. So there! ūüôā


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What the heck?

I could have strangled JP tonight ….Jack and I met with Father NG to go over the last wedding we did; basically it was like a feedback – – some problems namely with the photographer getting in the way during the service and other minor problems to “avoid” in the future. Well, Father NG decided to use my lap top…so of course, I turned it on, and within a few seconds it comes on…screen, icons and all…..just then, I quickly took notice of this one icon folder entitled “Future Sex/Love Sounds“….there it was located near the upper right corner of the screen all by its lonesome self (all my icons were in the middle). I nearly died because I knew Father NG had to take notice of it. Jack was on my left side so I don’t think she saw it. Father NG gave me his USB stick so while waiting for it to open up, there we were starring at the screen. As soon as the files on the USB stick were ready to open up, I quickly clicked on the files…that must have been the longest one minute ever. As soon as I got home, I asked JP what the heck was that file/icon on MY laptop. He said that file contained some of Justin Timberlake’s music. His album was called “Future Sex/Love Sounds.” I told him to remove the file immediately! Arghhhh!

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Since today I returned back to working my regular 8-5 hours, I decided to play a joke on one of the sups….I called CS to let her know that I wasn’t feeling up to coming¬†in today¬†and started rambling on some other excuses I think would work; however, into our conversation, CS asks me, “If you’re calling from home, how come I picked up the intercom line?”¬† She already knew I was joking in the first place because I had used the intercom to call her.¬†(She¬†had to hold in her¬†laughter all that time and was ready to call the men in the white suit to take me away.) ¬†Now isn’t that just stupid of me!!¬† Did it even occur to me that, 1) the intercom tone is different from the phone line tone and 2) the intercom light lights up.¬† What a big “DUH!”¬† I knew I should have had my coffee before making that call! So yes, I am the new recipient of the Darwin Award….people awarded for stupid things they do, thinking they could get away with it…

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While at Barnes this evening, the funniest and embrassing thing happened to Bruh and me.¬† I was in line with Bruh waiting for Bruh to make a purchase and there was this tall man right in line¬†before her…here’s how the conversation went:

Bruh:¬† (whispers in my ears…I was behind Bruh) That cashier looks scary.”

Me:¬† (out of curiousity…I lean my head all the way to the side to get a good look and whispers back¬†to Bruh: I’m going to do my eyes like that.”¬† (The cashier only had one eye-lid that had eye taupe-brown colored shadow, and it didn’t even cover the entire lid but the outer/upper left lid!)

I guess Bruh didn’t notice that special “eye feature” so what does she do?¬† She leans her head all the way to the side to get a good look at the cashier…by then it’s Bruh’s turn to make her purchase….

Cashier:¬† What’s with the peek-a-boo?”

After she asked that question, both Bruh and I were sooooo embarrassed as we did not mean to make ourselves so obvious…we quickly mumbled something about the gurls (Tara & her friends were behind us) and I pretended that I was pointing at the gift bags behind the register.) Bruh and I were speechless after that and made a bee-line towards the exit door.¬† This had to be the funniest moment yet….we were laughing so hard all the way to the car and home….”What’s with the peek-a-boo?”¬†

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